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JSC “Morstroy” was founded for the сonstruction of hydrotechnical structures and inshore strengthenings on the coast of the Crimea. Since the foundation, lots of kilometers of docks, structures to protect the coast, dry docks, industrial complexes, residential buildings, objects of cultural and sport purposes have been built.

Own production of concrete and sale of reinforced concrete products allow the company to provide construction services in complete and closed cycle. The construction of berths, yacht clubs and any other coastal buildings and structures is executed with the involvement of the own fleet and construction engineering. Specialized construction machinery rent service, floating crane rent and other units of the fleet rent enable our customers to carry out the necessary works independently in the course of the economic activities, without purchasing of the expensive specialized construction and marine machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, floating cranes, tugs and supply vessels.

We specialize in the following spheres of high-technology construction:

Construction of hydrotechnical structures

Construction of harbor facilities, industrial and civil objects

RENT Floating cranes and building equipment

Exploiting of maritime vehicles with crew

Аutomotive engineering, truck and building machinery

Underwater operations, including diving work

Work of technical navy

Execution of dredging and shore protection works

The construction of port facilities and industrial and civil objects

Business areas

  • Construction of hydrotechnical structures;
  • Production of metal, concrete building structures, concrete products, ready-mix concrete for the application in construction;
  • Construction of buildings and structures;
  • Excavation works;
  • Drilling wells;
  • Pile-driving operations, grouting;
  • Producing monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • Assembling prefabricated reinforced concrete, masonry and metal structures;
  • Roofing system and covering of buildings and constructions;
  • Arrangement of inside and outside engineering networks, buildings and constructions systems and equipment;
  • Erecting procedures and commissioning works;
  • Construction of roads, bridges, trestles and overpasses;
  • Construction of harbor facilities;
  • Execution of dredging and shore protection works;
  • Underwater operations, including diving work;
  • Implementation of building supervision and construction organization (general contract);
  • Wholesale and retail trade in building materials and constructions;
  • Lease of construction vehicles and equipment with or without an operator;
  • Road haulage;
  • Work of marine transport;
  • Floating cranes (with crew) for rent;
  • Maritime vehicles of technical navy (with crew) for rent;
  • Handling and storage of goods;
  • Work in the field of architecture; design and engineering; project conception connected with сonstruction of utility structures, including the hydrotechnical facilities; tests and calculations of construction elements; geological exploration and geophysical work; geodesic activities; survey and certification of buildings and constructions;
  • Testing and laboratory analysis of building materials physical properties;
  • Other activities in technical control, testing and analysis;
  • Upkeep of residential and non-residential own property;
  • Preparation and selling of the own residential and non-residential real estate.

Our enterprise offers floating cranes of various carrying capacity (16 – 100 tons) for rent. In our company floating crane rent is profitable and convenient for you due to the vast experience of our stuff in the sphere of cargo handling, construction of berths and installation of various types of coastal fortifications, breakwaters, piers and the construction of hydraulic structures of any complexity. Own moorings and production bases around the Crimean coast promote effective cooperation in matters of lease floating crane with an extremely professional approach to business.

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