АО «КРЫММОРГИДРОСТРОЙ» | About our company
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About our company

Foreseeing the inevitable defeat of the enemy on all the battle-fronts before the liberation of Sevastopol, according to the order of the People’s Commissariat of the USSR on the construction № 162,17 April, 1944, Special building and construction department  №12 was organized, located in the city of Sevastopol.

According to the order of the Ministry of Transport Construction of the USSR №32, 30 December, 1965, as a part of  the main branch of ‘Glavchemstroy’, based on the SU-432 trust, the Crimean specialized construction-assembly trust  ‘Krymmorgidrostroy’ was organized for the construction of hydraulic structures and inshore fortifications on the coast of the Crimea.

Since the date of foundation we have constructed berths many kilometers long, structures for protection of the coast, dry docks, industrial complexes, residential buildings, cultural and sport facilities.

JSC ‘KMGS’ has a qualified stuff, modern construction-site equipment and machinery. We use current high-quality materials and constructions, which have showed their effectiveness in different hydrological conditions. JSC ‘KMGS’ works at its own production facilities, carries out a basic range of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, used in building of  hydraulic constructions. The production facilities are located in Sevastopol, Kerch, Feodosiya, Yalta, Simeiz.  In Sevastopol and Simeiz landfills for the production of constructions are equipped with berths that allow us to organize the transshipment of materials and structures to the water crafts for the following transfer to the place of assembling. Technical fleet of JSC ‘KMGS’ has floating cranes with carrying capacity of 16-100 tons, tugboats, diving stations, pontoons, which can fully ensure the construction of hydraulic facilities and freight transfer. Our enterprise is equipped with mechanisms and vehicles for completing complex engineering projects: truck cranes with carrying capacity of 10-50 tons, pile drivers, hydrohammers, excavators, concrete mixing trucks, concrete spreaders, dump trucks and high-sided trucks with carrying capacity of 20 tons, mobile elevating work platforms and equipment for transportation of multi-ton lengthy constructions.

Our rewards

The most significant projects that were carried out by JSC ‘KMGS’:

  • The construction of the dry dock of the shipyard ‘Zaliv’, Kerch.
  • Berth №9 made of metal sheet piles in Mariupol.
  • East pier located in Kamyshovaya Bay in Sevastopol, made of massive outline (weighting 40 tn) , with the root part of the quay.
  • Deepwater water outlet and water intake of the pension ‘Tavriya’, situated on the Southern Coast of Crimea (the depth is more than 40 metres, the length is 2,5 miles)
  • Container berth №16, made of metal sheet piles, located in Mariupol
  • The berths in the cargo port ‘Massandra’, located in Yalta. It is constructed on the columns made of oversized reinforced concrete elements, with a diameter of 6 m.
  • Building slipway №1 with a depositing dock, located in the shipyard ‘Zaliv’, Kerch.
  • Berth №9,10 made of metal sheet piles, located in the port ‘Temryuk’

Extensive work experience was obtained during the execution of the reconstruction of the deep-water berth at the port of Salif, the republic of Yemen.  All the works were carried out under the supervision of the French Engineering Association BCEOM, which gave our company a positive response.

During the time-period of the Crimea being a part of Ukraine, our enterprise accomplished important government contractual works, such as:

  • The coast –protecting structures of the pension ‘Lvovskyi Zheleznodorozhnik’ in Sudak, 2004-2006. During the construction solid masonry constructions and overpass with fastening anchors were used. Customer – Lviv Railway.
  • Pitching works on the island Zmeinyi. Customer – the Head department of regional administration in Odessa.
  • Reconstruction of the berths №1, 2, 3 of the commercial seaport in Feodosiya (phase one of the construction project). Customer – Public Enterprise ‘FMTP’.
  • Capital repairs of the railway ferry berth of RBC(road building company) Kerch Strait Ferry Line. Customer – The Kerch Strait Ferry Line.

Joint-stock company ‘KRYMMORGIDROSTROY’ has mastered the new standards after the entry of the Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation. Our enterprise has become a member of the SRO ‘interregional association of builders’ and has got the admission to the execution of the whole scope of hydraulic engineering works.

Structural units

  • Sevastopol Department of hydraulic and civil engineering works
  • The section of Sevastopol Department of hydraulic and civil engineering works in Kerch
  • The section of Sevastopol Department of hydrotechnical and civil engineering works in Feodosiya
  • Yalta Department of hydraulic and civil engineering works
  • Sevastopol Department of technical fleet

We are ready to the execution of the hydrotechnical and civil engineering works in the Black Sea region.